Duckcoin was created using Algorand in November 2021. 50,000,000 total supply, one for every duck on the planet! It will be developed for the algo community by the algo community and reward long term holders as well as liquidity providers.  



Q1 2022


Duckcoin expansion throughout the Algorand ecosystem! Social media integration from every major platform to spread the good word of the Quack! but more importantly to show how amazing and easy  Algorand's technology is to use! Think of Duckcoin (in part) as an onboarding mechanism to the Algorand ecosystem.


Duckbounties are token incentive driven payouts to help complete network growth tasks. Think of it as a beginner friendly decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).


Get ASA $QUACK verified by Algorand.


Launch an original NFT series created by established artists in the algo NFT community. This will help provide more work and flow of algo to the artists. the royalties Duckcoin receives will all be all put back into providing liquidity for the token. This will help provide more market stability and confidence over time.


Harness the power of the $QUACK to transfer money to causes in need of support.  Ducks fly together and we will come together to help out wounded feather ducks. That could be anything from a family in need to a wildlife preserve that could use more funding.  As our network grows we will let the community decide what needs our attention and $QUACK the most.


Work together with other ethical ASA creators to create a network of trusted assets. The goal is to work together as a team, for cross promotion and building a standard for the Algorand community.  There have been far too many rug pulls and scam related tokens listed on Tinyman (DEX). We will be a hub to provide proper information and resources to new users of Algorand curious about the DEX space.




Duckcoin was built on Algrorand so you will need algo wallet to aquire tokens.

For the web based wallet use:

For the mobile wallet use:

Go through the setup instructions carefully and make sure to secure your seed phrase


tinyman is a decentralized exchange that allows you to swap from one asset to another.

go to and connect your algo wallet (click on connect in top right)


Click “Add Funds via MoonPay” button to the left of the “Menu” button in the top right of the page.


Choose the amount of algo you would like to purchase. And make sure you have a little bit extra than what you plan to purchase so you have excess amounts for transaction fee's.


Enter the Know-Your-Customer information. This will include photo's of your ID(license) and a selfie. This is used to prevent fraud and illegal activities in the crypto space.


Enter your debit or credit card to make the algo purchase. The exchange rate will depend on algo's current market price at time of buy. Confirmation time to deposit funds should take less than 5 minutes


Once your algo funds are taken care of head back to the main swap menu in tinyman. for the top section have algo selected, for the bottom click it and select search in the bar and type in Duckcoin. Make sure that it is the correct asset. The Ticker should say QUACK and the ASA#444568464. When you got to swap it will first have you Opt into the asset. Confirm the opt-in process and continue.


Once you have Opted in, get yourself some $QUACK!  decide how much algo you wish to transfer and it will exchange it for the current price of Duckcoin. If you ever need to sell back to algo, simply select duckcoin in the top of the swap section and select algo for the bottom.



Start Swapping!



Duck Coin ASA Whitepaper ($DUCK)

Ducks Fly Together

Authors: Grandmaster Duck, Head WatchDuck, and Buzzed_Lightbeard

1. Abstract

Algorand is currently experiencing an explosion of Algorand Standard Assets (ASA’s) due to the Automated Market Maker (AMM) Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Tinyman. There also exists projects like Yieldly which consists of an Ethereum bridge and staking platform. There are additional up and coming projects such as DEXs that are being built and deployed on the Algorand blockchain. These ASAs have a breadth of purpose, meme tokens, community-based tokens, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens, etc. With the level of growth in ASAs that is occurring, there is also a significant amount of rug-pulls, ponzi-schemes, and pump and dump happening, taking advantage of the ecosystem and retail investors. Duck Coin exists as a community-based token in the form of a beginner friendly DAO-like manner, and meme token. The purpose of the community is to foster a positive community-based meme token that enables retail investors who are not as familiar with DeFi, ASAs, and AMMs to learn about how these ecosystems work in an environment conducive to learning. Additionally, by being community driven, this helps new individuals not familiar with concepts such as DAOs to understand how they operate and enable community-driven projects. This allows Duck Coin to act as an onboard to DeFi, community based projects, and concepts such as liquidity providing for new investors to learn how to utilize these tools.

2. Introduction

As ASAs become more commonplace and more mainstream, it is necessary for newcomers to understand how to utilize tools enabled via DeFi to purchase, liquidity provide, swap, etc. these ASAs using AMMs. Additionally, with the amount of negative projects doing rug-pulls, pump and dumps, etc. it's extremely beneficial for the Algorand ecosystem to have a meme token that allows new users to learn DeFi on Algorand's blockchain, in a friendly positive community.

The motivation of utilizing the Algorand blockchain for this purpose is due to its low transaction fees and quick transaction finality which allows it to be used on a daily basis by both commercial and retail users. The Blockchain Trilemma in which one must sacrifice one of the following for the others, security, scalability, speed, is not present in Algorand due to its Pure-Proof-of-Stake consensus method. When using DeFi, a large amount of transactions per user action occur, and having low transaction fees allows users to learn tools such as liquidity providing or swaps without incurring large transaction fees.

3. Roadmap CY22 

Status: Updated as of 02/07/2022

3.1 Duck Bounty Development

Status: Ongoing Effort

Duck Bounties are token-based incentivized payouts to help accomplish different tasks to benefit the community. This can include things such as social networking growth, identifying malicious projects on the Algorand blockchain, creating NFTs, etc. Effectively posturing Duck Coin as a beginner friendly DAO as the community develops. In addition to engaging the community, this also allows for greater decentralization via community participation. One main effort that is encouraged via the Duck Bounty program is community-led investigation of upcoming and active rugpulls. These investigations are not only encouraged by the Duck Coin community, but also benefit those doing the investigations via payouts of $QUACK.

3.2 Duck Coin Verification


Having a project be verified by the Algorand Foundation is key to providing validation that a project is not malicious. However, in light of previous verified projects still resulting in rugpulls, verification is only part of validating a project. This is why the Duck Coin community actively investigates upcoming and active rugpulls in order to provide a service to the greater ASA and Algorand Ecosystem.

3.3 Broader Marketing Strategy

Status: In-Planning (CY22 Q2 and Q3)

Marketing with purpose is imperative to the success of the Algorand and ASA ecosystem alike. In order to attract, educate, and inform more people a purpose driven marketing strategy will be developed. The Duck Coin project/community will seek help in the development of this marketing strategy in order to ensure it is effective and purposeful in accomplishing the goals of reaching a broader audience and educating and informing that audience as new users and arrivals.

Additionally, as a form of “fun” and “guerilla” marketing, DuckCoin Logo Stickers and QR code stickers could be generated to allow for a unique opportunity to reach an audience that would otherwise not be aware of projects such as Duck Coin or Algorand. These stickers would lead the viewer to the Duck Coin website which will provide clear educational information on what Duck Coin is, and how to potentially get involved as a member of the community.

3.4 Duck Coin NFTs for Liquidity Infusions

Status: In-Planning

Providing Liquidity is incredibly important for having a successful ecosystem. In order to have liquidity available both users and a project can provide it via native-capital (Algo). One way for a project to benefit the community is to have a large amount of liquidity for the currency be provided by the project itself. By having liquidity available via the project, it encourages users to more actively play a part in developing the liquidity which further enables transaction activity without fear of large swings due to low liquidity. The Duck Coin project is planning to accomplish this through the launch of an original NFT series created by established artists in the Algorand NFT community. This accomplishes two goals in a symbiotic manner for both the artists and the Duck Coin community. Artists are able to sell the NFTs with the support and social media presence of the Duck Coin community, and the NFTs will also provide some royalties to the Duck Coin project which will be entirely put toward providing liquidity via AMMs. This in turn provides increased token stability, and a revenue stream for providing additional liquidity as royalties are generated.

3.5 Ethical ASA Alliance Partnership

Status: Ongoing Effort

A large part of encouraging the success of the Algorand Ecosystem is working together with other ethical ASA creators/projects in order to create a network of trusted projects. This enables a cross-project effort building the Algorand ASA ecosystem together in a safe, collaborative way. The ASA ecosystem does have a large amount of malicious projects, largely due in part to the ease of use that Algorand provides, and part of the Duck Coin project and community’s effort will be building a better ecosystem with our peers and collaborators. Additionally, part of what will be built via this effort is educational documentation and content that will help users navigate DeFi and DEXs with peace of mind.

4. Tokenomics

Duck Coin is an ASA token with fifty million (50,000,000) $QUACK minted at generation as a static non-inflationary token. See pie chart in following section for visual representation.

5. Conclusion

Duck Coin is developing toward a set of specific goals that align its purpose with a flourishing and expanding Algorand and ASA ecosystem. We in the project and community believe that Algorand as a blockchain and ecosystem will grow and serve a role in both financial and technological innovation. Part of this growth requires developing a community that serves the larger ecosystem and provides the generation of educational content for newcomers and veterans alike. Additionally, in partnering and working with other ethical projects in the ecosystem, users will be able to be educated and informed and better understand the ecosystem as a whole. Lastly, with our Duck Bounty Program, the Duck Coin Project currently and will continue to support the active investigation of scams, rugpulls, and other malicious projects in order to help foster a more positive and user-friendly ecosystem.